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TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk

TRIPLE M Miracle Moisture Milk

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Suffering from dry hair? Dry Locs, Dry Sister-locs or microlocs? You need to add me to your routine!  I am light enough for daily use, without a heavy or greasy build-up. If you are transitioning to natural hair, I am perfect for your new-hair roots and will silken and soften them to make styling easier.

Low porosity?  Does your hair never absorb moisture? 

Then you need this miracle milk!   

✅You will instantly realise softer, lusher textured hair. 

✅A miracle cream for Low Porosity hair

✅Your curls will be silkier, and your kinks will feel like satin.

✅Use as the first step in your Moisture routine, use with our Quench or one of our butter for maximum moisture. 

 ✅Great for thicker coarser straight hair too.

Received my TRIPLE M – Miracle Moisture Milk TODAY and it’s……Amazing!!!


I had to write this review –

I’ve never had my curls defined this well. Firstly I did a deep conditioning with root2tip co-wash, I then applied the Miracle Milk on damp hair, and lastly, for styling, I did a braid out overnight.

Then – WOW the miracle happened…
Absolutely love the products, they smell good enough to eat.

Thanks, Sal
Ange C, London



How To Use

TIP: If you have really dry skin our Triple M Milk can also be used to hydrate flaky dry skin leaving it supple and soft with a warm glow

Suited To

All textures love the instant moisture I provide, from the finest textures to coarser hair. I love Locs and Low porosity hair. I am also fantastic in relaxed hair. I am light and non-greasy.

Salem Says (EXPERT TIPS)

The Micro-moisture™ formula means the tiny Moisture particles seep into your hair strands easily. For you this means hair that stays Moisture locked for longer

Key Ingredients

Wavy - Kinky (Type 3-4c)+ Locs. (Low- high porosity),Jojoba + Olive O

Ingredient List

Jojoba + Olive Oil,

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Great product good for hair

Hannah S. (Harrow, GB)
From Curly Perm to Natural Hair

I bought this for my mum and she loves the way it makes her hair feel. Mum has gone from curly perm to natural hair.

Samantha (Islington, GB)
Wonderful product that leaves my hair so soft

Wonderful product that leaves my hair (4c and heat damaged in some parts) so soft. Probably the best hair milk I've used.

Alley (Hornsey, GB)
My hair is in love!

Finally, I’ve found a product that my hair loves! The menopause took it out on my hair and I’m on a journey to grow back long and healthy hair. I use Honey Rain daily and every other day I’ve been using Triple M to moisturise my very dry hair. After taking out my large twists after a week my hair looks and feels amazing. My hair doesn’t feel greasy but looks really healthy. I have been combining my wash day routine with some of the other Roots2tip products and I will leave a more detailed review after a month of use. Thanks Salem for such great products.

Karen W.
Triple M

Wonderful for my hair .. very moisturising without feeling too oily ..