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Meet our Founder

ROOT2TiP Haircare Solutions was founded by me, Sal, a Haircare obsessed fanatic, with an intense passion for getting people to love their hair no matter the texture, by using my naturally inspired Haircare line and the right Haircare practices.


I literally, eat, sleep and breathe hair!

After spending years taking care of my own natural hair, and constantly searching for the right products to use in it from my local hair shop with much dismay, it all came to a head one day – after suffering my own hair horror story, I decided enough was enough!

After hours spent scouring the internet for the perfect hair-growth formula I decided to mix up my own natural scalp oil and document my hair growth progress by taking pictures every couple of months. Soon after I noticed my concoction actually worked, friends and family also saw the results and they too tried out my oil and they also got similar positive results, the rest is really history!

I applied to get a loan from the Princes Trust to turn my ideas and passion of a healthy Haircare company into a reality and I have gone on from there.

Having no professional scientific background, I often spent hours practicing my formulating techniques, (in my kitchen at midnight!) and as the saying goes ‘Practice makes perfect’. I have now through much trial and error, established a range of Haircare products that cater to a variety of hair types that will not only nourish and beautify the hair but more importantly the scalp also. Our produvcts are sold across the world – Paris – Ghana.

I know personally that without a healthy scalp you will never really have healthy hair!

ROOT2TiP is a company specialising in the manufacturing of naturally inspired Haircare products, the focus being on natural as I believe strongly in the power of Mother Nature and the dangers of unnecessary chemicals.

ROOT2TiP wants to give you the chance to have amazing hair from root2tip.

Kids with Afro and Mixed race hair
As a mother to two young children with two very different hair types, I completely understand the frustrations of dealing with this unique hair type. After mixing up shop bought products for my daughter’s hair to get the right result, I decided instead to start her own kiddies Haircare line.

KinkiCoiliKurli is an amazing natural Haircare line specifically created for the very different textures children with afro and mixed race hair types. Afro hair like mixed race hair is very dry and tends to be frizzy, and time consuming to manage. The KinkiCoiliKurli range caters directly to this problem. Children with afro hair will hear many negative comments and see many negatives perceptions nurtured about their kinky hair, but through, love and care, that very hair type can grow longer than imagined.

I managed to grow my daughter’s hair down to her waist by the age of 4 years old and anyone can do the same if they take proper care of their child’s using the right products and practices.

Children are the future, I believe that teaching your child to love their natural hair type and texture is as important as teaching your child to read! Hair is a strong part of a child’s identity, so by instilling a ‘love your hair ethic’ in your child from a young age; will not only arm them with a healthy dose of self-confidence, but it will also make them aware and proud of their own individualism.

Women with hairloss
Women with hair of afro descent often suffer in silence when it comes to their hair, as a self-taught weave stylist I came across numerous women who had thinning hair, alopecia, scalp problems, and over-processed hair, but did little to resolve their problems. As a resolution to this very worrying problem I decided to start a product range directed at women who for whatever reason have lost faith in their hair. I want women to ‘Love their hair again!’

The range has scalp oils and treatments to invigorate and stimulate the scalp to function correctly again, developed with natural herbal extracts, mineral extracts and scientifically hair growth essential oils.

Men Matter too!
As a big sister to 3 brothers, and a mother to a son, I have not forgotten the chaps! Having spoken to countless brothers on the routines of the barber shop, (that sting after the trim!) general male grooming and the problems they can encounter with their hair and scalp, I am convinced men with Afro hair types are in need of a Haircare range catering directly to the needs.

The LEGEND4MEN range, is completely formulated with 100% natural ingredients; it consists of a Barber Butter of which there are two formulas, one to deal with bumps men don’t want to deal with! And another original formula for general daily grooming and swagger maintenance! Also included in the range is stimulating Scalp oil that addresses thinning hair and dry scalp issues.

ROOT2TiP is a new company; however I truly believe that through God’s continued guidance and support, my passion for creating healthy hair products for men, women and children, ROOT2TiP will be a Company synonymous with healthy hair, from ROOT2TiP!

Love yourself, Love your hair!

Founder, formulator, Hairducation Expert

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90 reviews
Great moisturiser!

Can’t recommend this milk enough, it works a treat. Since having a baby I’ve had really dry hair/scalp and this works perfectly. Love that it’s natural stuff. I use the children’s version on my son too. Really recommend!

Wonderful products ❤️❤️👌🏾👌🏾

Thank you so much Root2.tip for these amazing products ,I recommend 100% these products ,and I love everything about these products,good smell 🥰🥰🥰 and they make the hair very soft etc etc .Love it so much

Vicky HP

This product is essential for detangling my daughters curly hair. Would highly recommend it.


This is super... as with most things it doesn’t perform miracles... You have to be committed and do it properly and have some long term investment in this product for it to truely work... take pictures and monitor your progress.. it’s quite and easy and the results so far have been great ... My edges have become stronger and fuller over the last 12 months :)

Works a treat

I have been using the Kinki Coili Kurli range on my daughter, now daughter's hair for a good while now. I was stuck as nothing seemed to keep my girls hair moist. I also could not find anything that was not too heavy or harsh for her hair. Then I came across the Kinki range and fell in love. Her curls were defined, I could finger comb her hair and her hair was healthy and no longer dry. Only fair to mention it being natural being a huge benefit, with no hidden ingredients.
My fav product has always been the twirly butter for my eldest girl, whilst the milk works a treat on my youngest.
If products are used as advised, you can definitely see great results. Amazing range 😊