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Do you massage your scalp? Here's some reasons why you should!

scalp massage brush

Have you managed to catch some of the London sun today? I hope so, after the storm we had yesterday! This weather just makes you want to relax, doesn't it? And speaking of relaxing, we all love a good massage, right? Well, scalp massages can prove very useful for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Today I'll be sharing with you a few scalp massage techniques.

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Scalp brush

1. Scalp Massage Brush - Tangle Teezers can be great in assisting you with your scalp massage. They are best used when your hair is wet so they can easily access your scalp and work throughout your head. Simply and gently, rub it in circular motions on your scalp whilst performing a scalp massage. To help detangle your hair when using this brush, try our honey rain juice.

2. Massage whilst shampooing  - This, of course, should be done when your hair is wet. You can use your own hands, a Tangle Teezer or both to do this. If using your hands, you can also use your nails with the massage - but not too harshly! This can help effectively clean the scalp with shampoo as well as stimulate blood circulation in your head. You can use our stimulate and cleanse shampoo for washing. 

Finger scalp massage

3. Everyday Massage Without Oils - Spending at least 5 minutes a day to naturally massage your scalp without any products can be very beneficial to hair growth. Use your fingers and apply pressure in circular motions and ensure you cover your whole scalp when you do this.

4. Oil Massage - Mix oils that stimulate hair growth, such as extra virgin olive oil and ones that work well with your hair type. Adding essential oils to this concoction helps to promote hair growth further. You can also warm up some of the oils so that it better absorbs into your scalp. To perform this massage, begin at the middle of your scalp and then slowly, with circular motions work it into the scalp and progressively move outwards. Continue this process all over the scalp. We recommend doing this at least once a week.

Here's a tutorial demonstrating scalp massage techniques:

I hope these tips help you feel more relaxed with your hair routine!

Stay blessed,

Root2Tip founder, Sal, Signature

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91 reviews
It’s okay

The product all are unique on their own. However, they did not work well for my hair, the oil products left my hair feeling very greasy and the leave in conditioner left my hair feeling very mucky. I’m sure these products are meant for someone else, but not me. I will not be purchasing again.

Great moisturiser!

Can’t recommend this milk enough, it works a treat. Since having a baby I’ve had really dry hair/scalp and this works perfectly. Love that it’s natural stuff. I use the children’s version on my son too. Really recommend!

Wonderful products ❤️❤️👌🏾👌🏾

Thank you so much Root2.tip for these amazing products ,I recommend 100% these products ,and I love everything about these products,good smell 🥰🥰🥰 and they make the hair very soft etc etc .Love it so much

Vicky HP

This product is essential for detangling my daughters curly hair. Would highly recommend it.


This is super... as with most things it doesn’t perform miracles... You have to be committed and do it properly and have some long term investment in this product for it to truely work... take pictures and monitor your progress.. it’s quite and easy and the results so far have been great ... My edges have become stronger and fuller over the last 12 months :)